This is a simple article of how idiots should make a basic shelter.

Chapter 1: Food,

Before making a shelter, You need some nice... Delicous.. Food. With a overhaul, Lets list some of the easiest foods to obtain: Wheat Carrots Potatos *Floating Castles, Castles, Villages, Etc.* Berries, Blueberries, Blackberries, And more.

Chapter 2: Mining,

As you start with your time, You should start getting the easier ores, Coal iron and anything else a Stone pick can mine. This may be the hardest part thanks to.. 1. Traps, 2. Mobs, 3. Annoying Ogres That keep killing me.

That was part 1 to my idiot guide! Leave ideas n shiz in the comments!

Stay tuned for the next part Of a idiots guide to Dont Eat The Stone II!